Guwuriro Associates Legal Practitioners | About The Firm
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Founded in 2014, Guwuriro and Associates Legal Practitioners is a full service law firm specialising in Litigation, Commercial Transactions, Corporate Advisory Services, Conveyancing and Security Registration, based in Harare, Zimbabwe, serving a diverse clientele.

Our experience gained in legal practice since 2004 is used in seminars we actively participate in and publication activities. This connection of knowledge of the local and international environments seems to be the right direction in legal consultancy. We believe that services based on proficiency and qualifications are the pillars of success. Dynamic development of business requires a legal team able to provide effective solutions, based on experience in particular legal areas.

We provide our clients with legal services in such areas where we can prove essential knowledge and experience. Our aim is to propose to our client’s legal support in order to let them perform their own activities and rely upon our legal background. We propose complex solutions. For that reason, we cooperate with eminent tax, business and accounting advisors in Zimbabwe and abroad, as well as other specialists in areas that require specific knowledge and qualifications. We are capable of setting up a team of advisors who are able to act immediately.

We have based our business model on four core principles being Accessibility, Affordability, Open and Honest Representation and Client’s Rights, and we feel that this defines who we are as a law firm. We are confident you will find these beliefs and standards are what separate us from other law firms.

Our Principles


Open and Honest Representation

Client’s Right